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Melbourne’s Experts at CNC Flame Cutting

If you are looking for precision-based flame cutting, look no further than the team at Bob Haslam Engineering. With four oxy-acetylene flame cutting machines in operation at our workshop in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we are the experts in CNC flame cutting.

We can cut through a variety of steel grades, including grade 250 (mild steel), grade 350 and K1045 (Duraflex). Our supplies currently exceed over 400 tonnes and if you’re looking for a different steel grade, we’d be happy to source it for you.

Our expertise with CNC flame cutting means that we cut through some of the thickest steel in Australia, starting at 10mm through to 410mm, with a maximum of 600mm.

Providing wash grinding to Australian businesses

Whether you’re looking to smooth the rough edges of your steel or grind a few millimetres from the cut, Bob Haslam Engineering can help. Our wash grinding capacity ranges between the very small to 2700mm across diagonals and we have six wash grinding machines in operation at our Bayswater workshop to get the job done.

You can bring your own steel or request some of the steel supplies we have in stock at our Bayswater workshop and we’ll get it down to size. Whether you require K1045 steel, grade 350 steel or something else, we can arrange it for you. We’re also Melbourne’s only suppliers of 410mm steel.

Contact us for Flame Cutting & Wash Grinding Services 

Bob Haslam Engineering provides profile cutting, including CNC flame cutting and laser cutting (upon request), as well as surface grinding to businesses across Australia. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, and with four flame cutting machines and six wash grinding machines available, we are regularly in high demand for our thick steel supplies, wash grinding and cutting services.

Email us your DXF file today for a quote or give our Bayswater workshop a call and we’ll be happy to assist you. No matter if you’re located in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, we’re the company to call.