Bob Haslam Engineering, profile cutting and grinding specialist

We have 6 wash grinders with the capacity to grind from the very small to the very large 2700mm across diagonals. We also cater for tight grinding tolerances to suit all needs. We have CNC profile cutting to supply for every need. From the very thin laser and plasma to the 500mm thick oxy flame cutting. We are using the quality hypertherm edge pro CNC controller.

Plasma & Laser cutting also available to cut up to 32mm.

Steel Grades

Grade 250, grade 350, K1042 / K1045, and other grades of steel available on request

Stress Relieving

Stress relieving with fast turnover

Steel Profiling Software

Bob Haslam Engineering uses Fastcam and Autocad, favouring DXF and supporting DWG & IGS files

Stock Range Plate Thickness

  • Grade 250
  • Grade 350
  • K1042 / K1045

300 mm Steel Cutting

Bob Haslam is specialized in 300mm steel cutting.