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About Bob Haslam Engineering

  • Our washgrinding capacity of 900-2700mm caters from the small to the very large, and we cut from 5mm to 500mm plate. Since 1996 we have had the only supply of 410, plate in Australia as we import it ourselves

  • CNC Cutting

    4 Profile oxy-acetylene cutting machines. Regularly cutting 410 plate and up to a maximum of 500mm thickness. Plasma & Laser cutting also available to cut up to 32mm.


    We have 6 wash grinders able to cater from the very small to the very large. We are able to sweep 2700mm on the diagonal. Tight grinding tolerances to suit your needs.

  • 1 off or 500, we can cut to the amount required.

    Email your drawings for us to cut, we use Fastcam & Autocad, our preferred files are DXF, DWG, IGES.


  • 1975 Marks the birth of Bob Haslam Engineering Pty Ltd.

  • With a handful of staff and his wife Norma, running the office, the business quickly flourished with general engineering and toolmaking. With names like Adidas – Kenworth – Vulcan – Fibremakers on the books, Bob Haslam Engineering had a great reputation throughout the industry.

  • In 1978 their eldest son Michael joined the company and began his apprenticeship, it was also the year Bob purchased their first rotary washgrinder. Quickly there became a high demand for washgrinding in the Bayswater area.

  • In 1986 their first oxy profile cutter was purchased and their youngest son Paul joined the company. Due to a great demand Bob and Norma decided to steer towards the profile cutting and washgrinding aspects of engineering.

  • Business progressively grew and the need for more washgrinding and profile cutting machines required a bigger factory. The move was made and it was not long before the expanding business again outgrew its premises. The factory adjoining came up for sale which they quickly snapped up to cater for the 4 profile cutting and 6 washgrinding machines.

  • With a washgrinding capacity from 900 – 2700 to cater from the small to the very large, and able to cut 5mm – 500mm plate. Since 1996 Bob Haslam Engineering has had the only supply of 410mm plate in Australia due to importing it themselves.

  • Bob retired in 1999 and since then the business has been opperated by Michael and Paul who have updated by installing CNC cutting. With over 400 tonne in stock they can supply you with Mildsteel or Duraflex. Email your dxf file for a competitive price and a quality product.